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Squash Atlantic Giant Pumpkin: This pumpkin can grow to several hundred pounds!  Great for decorating or feeding to worms.


Eggplant, Applegreen: Early yield and very tender, this small plant is an excellent choice for indoors or outdoor planting


Squash, Cream of the Crop: This bush type acorn squash produces large white squashes. 2-3 pound fruits are common.


Watermelon, White Sugar Lump: An early producer of 5-10 pound fruits. This limited supply plant produces a light and sweet taste.


Eggplant, Astrakom: A compact plant usually under 2 feet tall produces several 4 inch fruits.  Rich in color and in taste.


Carrot, Snow White: A delicious mild-sweet taste and good crisp crunch. 7"-8" Long roots are good to eat cooked or raw.


Melon, Thai Golden Round: A very productive plant with big 6 pound fruits. The unique flavor is similar to pineapple and papaya.


Bean, Dragon Tongue: This is a famous dutch heirloom with tender and very delicious 7" beans. A favorite of chefs and gourmets!


Cabbage, Nero Di Toscana: This loose leaf cabbage is perfect for soups and stews. It is also one of the most beautiful cabbages you can grow


Spinach, Bloomsdale Long Standing: The old standard of spinach since 1925. This heirloom does better in heat than most spinach.


Hot Pepper Mustard Habanero: The fruits start off light green and ripen to a fiery orange. As with habanero's, they are spicy hot.


Tomato, Cherokee Purple: A superb sweet flavor and a very large fruit. This heirloom variety comes from before the 1890 era!


Cucumber, Beit Alpha: This is a delicious, very sweet pickling cucumber that does not need peeling.


Snow Peas, Oregon Sugar Pod II: Large and thick 4"-5" pods are surprisingly tender and delicious. Compact plants give high yields.


Squash, New England Sugar Pie: The heirloom sugar pumpkin of New England.  Each fruit is 4-5 pounds and superb for pies.


Watermelon, Ali Baba: Large (12-30 lbs) melons have a hard light green rind perfect for storing and resistant to sun burning.


Pepper, Emerald Giant: Large blocky bells have a thick sweet flesh. Dark green fruits turn red when ripe with heavy yields.


Red Tomato A Grappoli D'Iverno: Known as the "Winter Grape" tomato of old Italy, this little "Roma" style tomato is great for snacking.


Broccoli, Rapini: A non-heading broccoli which is grown for its asparagus-like shoots and leaves. Great to cook or in salads.


Kale, Russian Red: A very tender and mild heirloom variety with great flavor


Lettuce, Forellenschluss: Meaning "speckled like trout", this romaine style lettuce is both beautiful and tasty.


Cilantro, Slo Bott: A slow bolting version of cilantro which will produce flavorful leaves over a long time.


Lettuce, Black Seeded Simpson: Sweet and tender leaves are light yellow-green and are very popular.


Mellon, Tiger: Up to 1 pound fruits are dazzling in color (with a few being just yellow) and very fragrant.


Bean, Beurre De Rocquentcourt: A productive heirloom wax bean that sets good yields early and produces well in most climates.


Okra, Jing Orange: Lovely pods are deep reddish orange and quite colorful. Production will be abundant and flavorful.


Beet, Detroit Dark Red: This most popular heirloom beet is uniform and smooth, blood red flesh that is sweet and tasty.


Tomato, Black Plum: These plants will be covered with dainty fruits with complex flavor perfect for salsa and spaghetti sauce.


Melon, Golden Jenny: This early and productive heirloom melon produces sweet and succulent 2 pound melons.


Eggplant, Ping Tung: A wonderful eggplant from Taiwan, fruits can be up to 18" long and are sweet, tender and delicious.


Tomato, Pink Brandywine: The most popular heirloom vegetable!  A large fruit with superb flavor.


Lettuce, Bronze Beauty: This is a super sweet leaf-type heirloom lettuce that is heat tolerant and slow to bolt.


Radish, White Hailstone: A mild and crisp early white spring radish. Simply one of the best tasting heirlooms on the market today.


Squash, Butternut Rogosa Violina Gioia: A butternut type squash with a deep orange sweet flesh is a perfect heirloom for deserts or baking.


Carrot, Little Finger: A superb baby type carrot developed in France, this carrot is a favorite for snacks and pickling.


Scotch Bonnet Hot Pepper: An attractive golden color only hints at the shocking heat and superb fruit like flavor of this Caribbean favorite


Pea, Alaska: A very early producer with good yields of a delicious soup style pea.


Sweet Corn, Country Gentleman: One of the best heirloom sweet corns, this variety is sweet, delicious and milky. Tender kernels on an 8" ear.

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