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Our PatiGrow bags have been developed for optimal plant health. They have built in grommets to allow for drainage and airflow. After the growing season they can be rinsed out, rolled up and easily stored away for use next year. A great option for container growing in a space without available storage for other bulky planters.

Versitile and easy to use

• All our soil mixes available in PatiGrow bags

• Made from 30% post consumer recycled material

• Double as a planter

• Screened grommets let air in but no soil out

• Handles for easy moving

• Available in 3 sizes

The Soil Kitchen creation

The PatiGrow is our own creation and was designed to make having your own garden easy and fun.  The containers come in 3 sizes to accommodate anything form an herb garden in your kitchen to trees and tomato plants on your patio. They are ideal for potatoes, carrots, tropical plants, peppers, onions and just about anything else you can think of.

Our PatiGrow bags make gardening a snap

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