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Introducing The Gardener Personal Trainer!

There was a time when everyone had a garden to produce the fruits and veggies their family needed.  Today, gardening is a skill that has been lost by many.  The Soil Kitchen is here to help!


We come to you and help you be a successful gardener within your budget and available space.  Imagine growing $900 worth of vegetables in as little as 200 square feet.  That is a big savings at the grocery store.  The Soil Kitchen can help you with nearly any type of gardening including:

  • Traditional in ground garden

  • Raised beds

  • Square Foot Garden

  • Container gardening

  • Indoor

  • Vertical garden

  • Organic garden

  • Homesteading


A personal garden trainer will come out to your garden, once a month, for as little as $24.99 a month (for a 1 year contract)  When the trainer come out to your garden, you will get advice, knowledge and:

  • Help planning you garden

  • Help starting seeds

  • Choosing a garden location

  • Soil Testing

  • Soil Amendment recommendations

  • Pruning Advice

  • Companion Planting Diagrams

  • Budgeting Help

  • Plant and Seed Selection

  • Pest and Disease Identification

  • Tissue Testing

  • Nutrient Deficiencies Detection

  • Crop Rotation Schedules

  • Harvesting Advice

  • Recipes

  • Composting Advice

  • Cover Crop Advice

  • Winterizing Advice

  • Records Of Your Garden

  • Free Delivery of Soil Kitchen Products!

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Gardening can be a huge chore with little results or it can be a worthwhile task rewarded with bountiful harvests.  Hire The Soil Kitchen, Inc. as your gardening trainer and give yourself the foundation you need to become a successful gardener.


Just like a physical fitness personal trainer, we don’t do the heavy lifting for you.   We give you the coaching and knowledge of years of experience, so you have a better chance of success.


At this time we are unable to include in this service:  Weeding, tilling, planting, harvesting, washing, amendment application, building of beds, trellises, or other garden structures.  The actual act of gardening is up to the owner of the garden.  The Soil Kitchen is here to train you how to garden effectively and efficiently.


Stop In to The Soil Kitchen to talk with us about this program, or call, email, or send us a postcard. We want you to be successful growing the highest quality veggies right in your own back yard.