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Soil Kitchen Inc

All Soils are NOT the Same!

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The Soil Kitchen was incorporated in April 2012 by Colleen and Robert Lees. Colleen being a life-long gardener and Robert being the owner/operator of Arpeggio Farms, Inc. (a worm farm producing tons of all-natural soil amendments annually) decided to spread their knowledge and love of growing to the public by opening a custom soil facility.  

Build a better soil

The Soil Kitchen, Inc. currently have 29 different ingredients and endless mixing possibilities to help you build a better soil. Whether you are trying to grow a plant on your patio, roses in your yard, or fresh produce for your family to enjoy, The Soil Kitchen can help you grow it!


Step 1: In house soil testing

Step 2: Customizing any menu item to work perfectly for your plants

Step 3: Provide the nutrients and the micro-organisms your soil needs to remain healthy

We're here to help

The Soil Kitchen, Inc. offers all of our ingredients either blended to your specification or "á la carte" for those of you who like getting their hands dirty. And we are proud to introduce our own creation: The PatiGrow Bag!

We like getting our hands dirty